WaterBringsLife Filter Instructions


Filter Kit Assembly.

Drill a hole in a bucket 1.5 inches from the bottom using the hole cutter.

attach the adapter parts to the bucket as shown.

The rubber washers go on each side of the hole.


Connecting the Filter

Take the rubber caps from each end of the filter, then attach the filter to the hose with arrow pointing in direction of flow.


Filtering Water

Add water to the bucket and lower the filter head below the bottom of the bucket to start the flow.

when not in use, hang filters hook onto to the bucket

Part 4

Cleaning the filter

Backwash the filter by pushing clean water though the filter in the opposite direction of the arrow.

Repeat 4 to 6 times or until water comes out clear.

Do this daily to ensure filter long life.

* Before first time drinking and after cleaning, allow the filters run for a few seconds before using the water.