Jack and his team have one lofty goal:

PROVIDE youth and those in need worldwide safe, clean drinking water.

WaterBringsLife is on a mission to bring Water Filters for FREE.

This will SAVE LIVES!

For over 12 years Jack has been in the Afghanistan fight- training, mentoring and advising in all facets of Broadcasting and Strategic Communications. He worked with President Karzai’s office, the US Embassy in Afghanistan and for Gen John Allen at ISAF. He was on the infamous CAAT-Counter Insurgency and Advisory Team. While at ISAF he produced “Game Changing” video overviews and strategic communications work concerning Security Force Assistance (SFA) and Insider Threat (IT) solutions. This work is saving lives everyday.

He was also a key member in building and developing Afghanistan’s Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) in its vital mission to prepare a generation of Afghan media managers with the skills needed to deliver messages of peace and stability in the war torn country of Afghanistan.

He has trained more than 6-hundred Afghans in the art of communications.

Jack has 3 decades plus of civilian, military and documentary broadcasting experience.

He has produced powerful video work for Former Secretary of State GEN Colin Powell, Oliver North and President’s Bush and Clinton.

Jack is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel with extensive hands-on overseas, called back to active duty experience in: Desert Storm, Bosnia, Kosovo and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Jack’s commercial broadcasting experience includes stints as a Pentagon Correspondent and Producer for FOX News, Executive Producer at FOX Dallas, Texas, and Prepro Producer/Supervisor at WSVN Miami, Florida. In 2005, Jack was a coordinating producer and videographer for Nick and Jessica Simpson’s 2-hour ABC TV special, “TOUR OF DUTY.” During that special Jack shot and edited a music video that aired worldwide.

And in 2006, Jack shot, edited, and produced with two Iraqi advisors a dynamic music video, “Baghdad My Love” a number one music video for almost a year.

The music video was part of the successful GEN David Petraeus “Surge” initiative.

Jack’s broadcasting career began as an NBC Page in New York.

He continues to seek out work that will inspire, educate, and empower audiences everywhere.

Jack Pagano is an award-winning producer who creates impassioned productions.

Now Jack is providing lifesaving Water Filters: www.waterbringslife.com to those in desperate need.

More than 1-Billion people on earth need clean, drinking water and the water filter is one BIG and CARING WAY to help the cause.

Please help Jack and his team bring clean drinking water to the world’s future leaders.

If you like to donate and help his cause, here how:

Clean drinking water is here

Thanks to WaterBringsLife Filters

Order a filter or provide a donation where we can hand them out for FREE.

Our goal is to provide water filters to young kids across the globe for FREE.

The water filters last many years: 500-thousand gallons.

That’s almost 12 years using the filter every day- 8 gallons an hour.

The filters are easy to clean.

We provide step-by-step instructions as to how to assemble the filter (it takes minutes) and how to clean the filter.

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